Introducing pyali

She keeps your drink hot to whatever temperature you prefer


She makes sure it stays that hot till

the time you finish it


She's Amazing



How does she work ?

Who is pyali ?

Pyali is your favourite cafe buddy.


Next time you're at a cafe or restaurant, don't forget to ask for a pyali

Pyali is the perfect mate.


You forgot you made coffee & now its cold ?

Don't worry. .Pyali has your back !


We have a vision, where the utensils of your dinner table, heat your meals, and your drinks such as your beer, stay chilled in its mug.


We have prototypes for all these products, and we need your support to turn this vision into reality.

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Akash Bhargava


loves the tea-biscuit combo, hate the gym


Product Development

Her team

Sarang Atri


caffeine addict and creepy thin


Sales & Marketing

Priyankar Das


wants to win the nobel prize,has no idea how to



Abhyant Rawat


hates hot drinks. We have no idea why he's here


Research & Development

About us

Contact us

Pyali was born out of love for tea,coffee and the good times that come with them.

Email :


Contact no : +91 9868978102




Our vision is to create more innovative products in the field of digital kitchenware, in order to make eating & drinking a more enjoyable affair than before.

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Introducing pyali
Introducing pyali